1st Assistant Credentialing Services

Heidi Henderson
1st Assistant Credentialing Services
12404 Timber Heights Dr.
Austin, TX 78754
Phone: (512) 201-2668

As a former practice manager and practice consultant, I know the value of credentialing. My company has expert specialists to assist our clients with every aspect of credentialing including primary source verifications,  payor enrollment, and contracting. We use a sophisticated software system which allows us to prepare apps, finish verifications and prepare our clients information in a timely and accurate manner. Flat fees are used in our pricing so that the client can know how much services will cost up front without nickle & diming their pocketbook.

1st Assistant is an extension of your practice and we work closely with each client to ensure accuracy and timeliness of our credentialing. We take pride in our work and we work for YOU!